Workshop 1: 

IoT Workshop, 14th September, 14:00 – 15:00 (IST)

Nikos Chalikias and Brian Cahill from the Nimbus Research Centre will deliver a workshop on their approach to IoT technology development for industry with reference to specific case studies.

This workshop will be delivered by:

Nikos Chalikias , Senior Embedded Systems Engineer at Cork Institute of Technology

Brian Cahill, Business and Research Development Research Fellow at the Nimbus Research Centre, Cork Institute of Technology

In this workshop, Brain and Nikolas will examine:

  • The innovation journey from innovation concept to commercialisation
  • How to access funding for r&d and innovation in your business
  • How to partner with research centres with expertise e.g. embedded systems, sensors, IOT
  • How to internationalise your business by working with international research centres

Workshop 2: 

Cyber Security Masterclass – 15th September – 14:00-15:30 (IST)

Cyber Security Master Class Session 1: “Security 101 and insight into the hacker ”

This module will demonstrate various techniques employed by hackers and cyber criminals. This session will allow attendees to understand typical attack flows and often overlooked security gaps and highlight the simple and fundamental steps that and organisation can take securing their environments while also highlighting some very basic items all organisations can pay attention.

Master class delivered by Karl Schlauch, Cloud and Security Architect at Trend Micro

Cyber Security Master Class Session 2: “How to hunt threats vs reacting to security events”

There has been a notable paradigm shift in the cyber security landscape in recent times.  Cyber security professionals are adopting a proactive threat hunting approach in place of the more conventional and often passive cyber surveillance approach.  The increasing volume of attacks on IT networks and systems make it imperative that companies implement robust threat hunting systems and procedures. 

This workshop will demonstrate how to conduct threat hunting activities highlighting the methods and techniques on how to implement such practices in your organisation. 

Master class delivered by Ian Kenefick, Senior Cyber Security Engineer at Trend Micro

Workshop 3 : 

Authentic Resilient Leadership Workshop

16th Sept, 14:00 – 15:00 (IST)

Creating Authentic Resilient leadership -in agile times

……..Now is not the time for leaders to be invisible…….

During this workshop Fiona will discuss the following:

  • The 5 different pillars of authentic leadership: Passion, Behaviour, Connectedness, Consistency, CompassioN
  • How to create true followership and visible leadership in your organisations
  • The link between authenticity and Resilient
  • How we can bring our true selves to work in an virtual environment

Fiona Buckley is a corporate trainer, keynote speaker and empowerment & executive coach in the areas of Leadership & Management Development, Leading virtual Teams, Work Behaviour and Personalities. Before setting up her own business in early 2016, Fiona held a number of senior corporate roles with her last position being VP of Professional Services for a global virtual organisation. When she was in this role she completed a Master’s Degree in Work Behaviour and her thesis  explored “The Key challenges that impact Relationships in Virtual Organisations. She is also associate faculty with the Irish Management Institute (IMI) for the past 4.5 years facilitating executive programmes and is also a strategic consultant with Mercer.

Workshop 4: 

Live Coding a Serverless App with the AWS CDK,

17th September, 14:00 – 15:00 (IST)

The rise of Serverless development and cloud-based infrastructure has rapidly reduced time to market for new products. In this workshop Ryan will walk through creating a new product using React, AWS Lambda, CloudFormation and other cloud services. Watch Ryan create a simple backend application and frontend interface, define the cloud service infrastructure and deploy a working application using TypeScript and the CDK in less than an hour.

This workshop witll be given by Ryan Adams from Instil.

Ryan is a software trainer with Instil. He has 17 years experience working in the industry as a developer, project manager, technical architect and team lead. Most of his career has involved working on software for learning, from BBC Schools to LMS Systems including Moodle and Open edX.

Workshop 5: 

Data Analytics Workshop, 18th September, 14:00 – 15:30 (IST)

Data Literacy and the ability to use the data that your organisation has access to will be key skills required for companies to survive into the future. The workshop session will highlight three of the key understandings that companies need to develop in their employees in order to position themselves to build data driven business decisioning cultures. These understanding are 1. Understanding the business context in which decisions should be made based on data. 2. Understanding the data architectures of the data that the company has access to, both internal to the company and external to the company and finally 3. Understanding the process to be used for the organisation to be able to realise the value that becoming more data focused will bring.

The workshop is given by Dave Clarke from Clarke Analytics and will:

  • Highlight lessons learned across many data analytics projects, highlighting how to recognise whether a data analytics project is likely to be successful or not from the outset.
  • Showcase modern data architectures used to support real time decisioning, continuous process verification and end to end data visibility across manufacturing sectors.
  • Give a demo of an advanced analytics platform

Dave Clarke is a Data Scientist working in the IoT, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Analytics space where he develops company strategies for big data analytic solutions and services. In October 2016, Dave set up Clarke Analytics Ltd with his wife Helen, providing high quality analytics consulting and training services to customers in the analytics sector. Dave is a well-established and widely recognised member of the IT community and is often called upon for his expertise in the Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence space. Dave has held a number of roles down through the years that have allowed him to expand and develop his skills