Tom Raftery (17th Sept)

Global VP and Futurist, SAP

Tom Raftery is a Global VP for SAP, an Innovation Evangelist, Futurist, international Keynote speaker, and host of The Digital Supply Chain podcast. Prior to joining SAP, Tom worked for a number of companies at Group IT Manager/CTO level, and as an Industry Analyst. Tom is also a regular Guest Lecturer at the International Instituto San Telmo Business School in Seville.

Advisor, LocatorX,

Opening Keynote Speaker Saphila
Opening Keynote Speaker at many SAP Now’s
Keynote Speaker EclipseCon
Opening/Closing Keynote Speaker at several SAP for Utilities events
Opening Keynote Speaker at CloudStack Collab in Las Vegas
Sole keynote speaker at Atos Benelux CxO event Belgium
Keynote address Digital Trends Athens
Closing Keynote at SAP for Utilities in San Antonio
Presented on Cloud Computing’s Green Potential at Green Economy in Dublin
Jurist on many international competitions

Award winning, highest subscribed blog in Ireland (
Multi-award nominated audio and video podcast at (no longer online)
Main blogger on Cork Internet eXchange
Frequent contributor on it@cork blog and podcasts