Rob O’Donohue (17th Sept)

Advising and Supporting CIOs on Leadership, Culture, & People for Gartner | Executive Coach | Founder of Rob of the Green, Gartner

Rob has over 20 years experience and held IT & Business Leadership positions in IT Infrastructure, Project Management, PMO, Strategy, Business Operations, Talent Development, Coaching & Mentoring. Rob currently works with Gartner, and in his role he advises CIOs through major organisational change programs that target leadership development, creation of high performing teams, solving complex cultural challenges, and enhancing diversity & inclusion within the organisation. Rob is focused on the creation of must-have evidence-based research that addresses key organisational challenges to better empower CIOs on their transformation journey.

Prior to joining Gartner, Rob was a Director for Project Management and Leadership Coaching & Mentoring in Team Member Experience Services in Dell IT and held a voluntary position as Communications Director with PMI Ireland Chapter (since Dec2017) after a two-year term as Regional Officer hosting events in Cork, Galway & Limerick.

To feed hid passion for learning, Rob hosts & produces a weekly podcast called 1% Better. The vision is simple – to help others (and himself) improve and reach their goals in a variety of areas. Rob has a strong belief in developing culture & core values within a team & organisation.

Rob is a Mindfulness practitioner and advocate and believe that more emphasis is needed to allow us to survive and thrive in the VUCA World we’re living in.

Check out some of Rob’s content and podcasts here: Rob of the Green.