Nikos Chalikias (IoT Workshop, 14th Sept)

Senior Embedded Systems Engineer, Cork Institute of Technology

IoT Workshop, 14th September, 14:00 – 15:00 (IST)

Nikos Chalikias and Brian Cahill from the Nimbus Research Centre will deliver a workshop on their approach to IoT technology development for industry with reference to specific case studies.

This workshop will be delivered by:

Nikos Chalikias, Senior Embedded Systems Engineer at Cork Institute of Technology

Brian Cahill, Business and Research Development Research Fellow at the Nimbus Research Centre

In this workshop, Brain and Nikolas will examine:

  • The innovation journey from innovation concept to commercialisation
  • How to access funding for r&d and innovation in your business
  • How to partner with research centres with expertise e.g. embedded systems, sensors, IOT
  • How to internationalise your business by working with international