Ian Kenefick (Cyber Security Masterclass – 15th Sept)

Senior Cyber Security Engineer, Trend Micro

Workshop 2:

Cyber Security Masterclass – 15th September – 14:00-15:30 (IST)

Cyber Security Master Class Session 1: “Security 101 and insight into the hacker ”

This module will demonstrate various techniques employed by hackers and cyber criminals. This session will allow attendees to understand typical attack flows and often overlooked security gaps and highlight the simple and fundamental steps that and organisation can take securing their environments while also highlighting some very basic items all organisations can pay attention.

Master class delivered by Karl Schlauch, Cloud and Security Architect at Trend Micro

Cyber Security Master Class Session 2: “How to hunt threats vs reacting to security events”

There has been a notable paradigm shift in the cyber security landscape in recent times.  Cyber security professionals are adopting a proactive threat hunting approach in place of the more conventional and often passive cyber surveillance approach.  The increasing volume of attacks on IT networks and systems make it imperative that companies implement robust threat hunting systems and procedures. 

This workshop will demonstrate how to conduct threat hunting activities highlighting the methods and techniques on how to implement such practices in your organisation. 

Master class delivered by Ian Kenefick, Senior Cyber Security Engineer at Trend Micro