Dave Clarke (Data Analytics Workshop – 18th Sept)

Data Scientist, Clarke Analytics Ltd

Workshop 5:

Data Analytics Workshop – 18th September, 14:00 -15:00 (IST)

Data Literacy and the ability to use the data that your organisation has access to will be key skills required for companies to survive into the future. The workshop session will highlight three of the key understandings that companies need to develop in their employees in order to position themselves to build data driven business decisioning cultures. These understanding are 1. Understanding the business context in which decisions should be made based on data. 2. Understanding the data architectures of the data that the company has access to, both internal to the company and external to the company and finally 3. Understanding the process to be used for the organisation to be able to realise the value that becoming more data focused will bring.

The workshop is given by Dave Clarke from Clarke Analytics and will:

  • Highlight lessons learned across many data analytics projects, highlighting how to recognise whether a data analytics project is likely to be successful or not from the outset.
  • Showcase modern data architectures used to support real time decisioning, continuous process verification and end to end data visibility across manufacturing sectors.
  • Give a demo of an advanced analytics platform

Dave Clarke is a Data Scientist working in the IoT, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Analytics space where he develops company strategies for big data analytic solutions and services.

In October 2016, Dave set up Clarke Analytics Ltd with his wife Helen, providing high quality analytics consulting and training services to customers in the analytics sector. Previously Dave worked with EMC where he consulted one to one with senior business executives across Europe, The Middle East and Africa and set up multi-disciplinary teams in the data warehouse and business intelligence space. Dave has over 25 years’ experience in data science roles, program management, software architecture and management consulting across multiple domains including manufacturing (including the regulated life sciences sectors), retail, utilities, healthcare, banking, and insurance.