Brian Cahill (IoT Workshop, 14th Sept)

Business and Research Development Research Fellow, Nimbus Research Centre

IoT Workshop, 14th September, 14:00 – 15:00 (IST)

Nikos Chalikias and Brian Cahill from the Nimbus Research Centre will deliver a workshop on their approach to IoT technology development for industry with reference to specific case studies.

This workshop will be delivered by:

Nikos Chalikias , Senior Embedded Systems Engineer at Cork Institute of Technology

Brian Cahill, Business and Research Development Research Fellow at the Nimbus Research Centre

In this workshop, Brain and Nikolas will examine:

  • The innovation journey from innovation concept to commercialisation
  • How to access funding for r&d and innovation in your business
  • How to partner with research centres with expertise e.g. embedded systems, sensors, IOT
  • How to internationalise your business by working with international