Sep 15, 2020



Designing for a New Era of Threats and Complexity.

We are now in a new era of cybersecurity where the focus has shifted from ‘security by prevention’ to ‘security by design’ With the volume of data, fuelled by connected devices, set to grow exponentially over the next 5 years, security by design is becoming a fundamental development approach to ensure security and privacy of devices and systems are maintained.

This track will examine how the design/architecture functions are increasingly driving the cyber security agenda within organisations, cities and society at large.

  • Ian Kenefick (Cyber Security Masterclass – 15th Sept)

    Trend Micro

  • Karl Schlauch (Cyber Security Masterclass – 15th Sept)

    Trend Micro

  • Rik Ferguson (15th Sept)

    Trend Micro

  • Donna O’Shea (15th Sept)

    Cork Institute of Technology

  • Anthony O’Callaghan (15th Sept)

    Carbery Group

  • Dani Michaux (15th Sept)