Sep 14, 2020



Are Smart Cities a smart idea?

By 2050, 66% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas. The challenge will be in supplying these populations with basic resources like safe food, clean water and sufficient energy, while also ensuring overall economic, social and environmental sustainability. Smart Cities come from Smart designs. We must design with a citizen-centric approach so genuine human benefit can result and cities remain places to live as well as work.

This track will examine how leveraging digital technology is the key to delivering positive impact to urban regions.

  • Brian Cahill (IoT Workshop, 14th Sept)

    Nimbus Research Centre

  • Nikos Chalikias (IoT Workshop, 14th Sept)

    Cork Institute of Technology

  • Alan Coleman (14th Sept)


  • Claire Davis (14th Sept)

    Cork City Council

  • John Cormican (14th Sept)

    Jaguar Land Rover

  • Bobby Healy (14th Sept)

    Manna Drone Delivery