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Annual Tech Summit – virtually at your door

Recordings of all tracks and workshops can be accessed here: it@cork YouTube Channel

it@cork’s annual Tech Summit Conference will be held virtually as a week-long technology festival from 14th -18th September 2020 and is kindly supported by our learning network it@cork Skillnet 

We are delighted to announce that it@cork will be bringing you an incredible festival of virtual tech; 5 tracks over 5 days along with various workshops. We are all living in extraordinary times but the show must go on!

Furthermore, we are delighted to announce that this TechFest will be FREE to all it@cork members.

5 Tracks / 5 Workshops / 1 Incredible Virtual Festival of Tech

Cyber Security

Designing for a New Era of Threats and Complexity.

We are now in a new era of cybersecurity where the focus has shifted from ‘security by prevention’ to ‘security by design’ With the volume of data, fuelled by connected devices, set to grow exponentially over the next 5 years, security by design is becoming a fundamental development approach to ensure security and privacy of devices and systems are maintained.

This track will examine how the design/architecture functions are increasingly driving the cyber security agenda within organisations, cities and society at large.

Future of Work

Covid-19 has changed society, peoples thinking, values and outlook; possibly forever. It has also changed the workplace and forced employers to embrace remote working almost overnight.

Tech companies are leading the way in the transition to remote work environments. In May of this year, Google, Facebook and Twitter announced their intentions to offer employees the option to work remotely indefinitely.
The remote working movement will have a profound impact on the future of work such as:
> Any company can hire from a global talent pool
> Company culture will become increasingly output orientated rather than time based
> Will employees be compensated for cost of working expenses?

This track will explore the future of work and what it means for your company.

Smart Cities

Are Smart Cities a smart idea?

By 2050, 66% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas. The challenge will be in supplying these populations with basic resources like safe food, clean water and sufficient energy, while also ensuring overall economic, social and environmental sustainability. Smart Cities come from Smart designs. We must design with a citizen-centric approach so genuine human benefit can result and cities remain places to live as well as work.

This track will examine how leveraging digital technology is the key to delivering positive impact to urban regions.

Digitalisation of Bio Pharma Manufacturing

Cork and the South-West region of Ireland are unique in terms of strong and vibrant clusters in ICT, medical devices, and pharma. With close to 14,000 people employed in the pharmaceutical, biopharma and medical technology sector and more than 30,000 employed in ICT sector in the region, the importance of these sectors to the region have never been greater.

This track will explore:
> The vast opportunities for convergence between ICT, biopharma, food and manufacturing 4.0.
> A focus on the power of data analytics and how it (data) can be effectively used in order to transform and evolve the biopharma and food processing environments
> Explore what technologies are driving transformation and operational excellence in biopharma and food production industries resulting in superior outputs and products for the market.

The Future of Education

Online, blended, earn-as-you-learn – where will it all land?
As educational institutes re-open after months of closed doors, parents, teachers, students, and educators collectively hold their breath to see if the effort over the past few months will pay off and learners can remain in education. We wonder if the speed of change, immeasurably accelerated by the pandemic, will result in permanent change or will some revert once a vaccine is found. We have come to understand, the far-reaching economic and societal consequences of school closures in terms of our ability to work productively and have a newfound admiration for educators, many now consider as front-line workers. Will there be a new emphasis on apprenticeships and on-the-job learning; will the student experience be inspiring and engaging; how can technology close the gaps?

This track will examine and debate the future of education from many important perspectives.

Charley Woodward Key Note 2019

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